Discover the joy of quality wooden jigsaws...



pieces as well as people


art, history, creative skills and high quality craftsmanship 


solitude as well as relationships


We live in a culture where everybody is always busy, in a hurry, constantly "connected" to others and the world through their digital devices, yet many are still lonely, bored and disconnected from their actual environment and those living around them. It is time to rediscover the value of face-to-face relationships and the beauty of tangible, hands-on projects, away from electronic screens. In our fast paced lives doing puzzles allows us to slow down and have a quiet moment by ourselves, but it can also offer the opportunity for people to relate, enjoy company and good conversations while being engaged in a restful activity.

I enjoy people, art, ideas, meaningful conversations and offering hospitality. I also have a deep appreciation of high quality craftsmanship. I found that Wentworth wooden jigsaws surprisingly combined and connected all these things. As my private collection started growing more and more people around me started "putting the pieces together"... Quality wooden jigsaws are fairly expensive and once you collect them they take up a lot of space.  So the idea of a local rental library started to take shape in my mind.

My hope is that the library's jigsaw collection would prove to be a valuable asset that people could gather around and benefit from as individuals as well as a local community. I recommend my collection to everyone who would enjoy a delightful and relaxing, yet challenging pastime alone or shared with family and friends, and also as an organized activity for residential communities, senior centers, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. I offer my puzzles with specially designed puzzle boards for convenient and safe assembly, so they can be used at a table or even while sitting up in an armchair or in bed. Why don't you rent one for you and your family, surprise a friend with a puzzle-visit, or share it with an elderly person in your neighborhood who would enjoy company and a peaceful activity? See what happens...!