Handling & Care

Wentworth whimsies

Wentworth whimsies

Wooden jigsaw puzzles are not toys, but pieces of art that one needs to carefully handle and lovingly look after in order to keep, share and treasure over the years to come. The high quality craftsmanship, the usage of wood, the unique and artistic designs, the beautiful images, and the famous whimsy pieces all contribute to a much richer, more tactile, challenging and satisfying puzzle experience than that which cardboard puzzles can provide.

At the same time the wooden pieces, especially the intricate whimsy pieces can be fragile and break if not handled properly, dropped or pressed too hard. Please be careful while getting the pieces out of the cloth bag and sorting them.

It is hard to imagine working on a puzzle without a nice cup of tea or coffee, but please make sure that your cup is at a safe distance and that you always keep the puzzle dry. As with drinks, food and puzzles do not mix on friendly terms, so please keep your hands clean while handling the pieces. Never use force while trying to connect pieces, they will click in with ease if you have found the correct pieces.

Wentworth puzzles were not designed with small children in mind, and some of the pieces could be choking hazards. Children over 3 years might, with careful supervision, use the larger piece puzzles (50/100), whereas children over 5 years could also enjoy the smaller piece micro (40) puzzles. Children over 8 years depending on skill level and patience will be able to work alongside adults on larger size puzzles (250 and up) or even complete them on their own.

Sadly, pets generally do not make good or especially careful puzzlers. Though they may be wonderful companions while you are looking for the missing pieces, please do not let them join your quest! I would not even trust a well trained pointer dog, no matter how intelligent. They might fancy chewing on a wooden piece that would definitely ruin both the jigsaw and the fun.


In my experience most "casualties" happen while disassembling the finished puzzle, so as a way of trying to avoid missing, broken or damaged pieces, please assemble and return the jigsaws on the board especially designed and made by Piecefully yours (see above). The puzzle board provides convenient assembly, safe storage and easy transportation. The back side of the top functions as a sorter as well, which is handy while working on the puzzle. If you notice any damage to the pieces, please leave a note and put the broken pieces in a small plastic bag so we can try to repair them. You can find both the paper and the plastic bag in the original Wentworth jigsaw box the puzzle comes in.

The more careful you are the more people get to enjoy these puzzles over the years.

I do appreciate your help, co-operation and care.

Thank you!