Missing, broken and damaged pieces

Wentworth jigsaw: A Lady and Little Boy Asleep by J.S.Sargent

Wentworth jigsaw: A Lady and Little Boy Asleep by J.S.Sargent

Anybody who worked on jigsaws before knows how bitterly disappointing it is to spend hours and hours assembling a beautiful image only to find out at the very end that the last piece is missing!!! Setting up a jigsaw library is a risky business as the pieces are constantly handled by many hands and it is hard, if not impossible, to avoid damaged or lost pieces. The broken pieces might be fixed, but lost pieces cannot be replaced and therefore that particular jigsaw needs to be retired.

Please read the section on jigsaw handling and care carefully and make sure that you always do your best to look after the pieces while working on a puzzle. Care with puzzles enables others to enjoy them also. Despite the best intentions accidents happen. To keep the library's collection growing damaged or incomplete puzzles need to be replaced.

Since the library's aim is to build, benefit and serve the local community, co-operation, good communication and trust between the library users, members and staff is essential, especially when it comes to these particular questions. My hope is that we will seldom need to refer to these rules and act upon them.

Broken or damaged pieces

Every puzzle is rented out with the pieces intact. If any of the pieces has already been broken and repaired that will be indicated on the box, making it easy to identify the piece in question. Since the puzzles are to be returned assembled, it will be obvious whether there are any damaged or lost pieces. There is no charge for pieces that are peeling off, or pieces with minor damage that do not impact the enjoyment of the puzzle (ie: wooden piece chipped on the back side) or if a piece that has been already fixed gets broken again. However, the charge for a broken or damaged piece is $5 per piece. If the damaged piece cannot be fixed, it will be considered a missing piece.

Missing pieces

The puzzles are returned as a whole and I take them apart and make sure that all the pieces go back into the cloth bag. If the puzzle was returned with any missing pieces the user or member is liable to pay the replacement value. The replacement value is 80% of the current retail price of the same size puzzle as shown on the website.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.