Puzzle Party

Why not combine jigsaws with hospitality? It is only natural: family, friends, tea, cakes, conversations and jigsaws are like peas in a pod, or tea in a pot... We can share the tasks: I deliver a variety of party jigsaws, a selection of fine tea and home-made cakes and you can invite the guests, put the kettle on and enjoy your Puzzle Party!


Puzzle Party Packages

For Puzzle Parties I recommend the 40, 75, 140, 250 piece puzzles as they can be set up and finished alone or together comfortably while having tea, cake, good conversations and fun. The bigger size puzzles require a longer time commitment and may not be finished before all the cakes and guests are gone. And you do not want to rush or miss out on the conversation for the sake of being able to complete a puzzle. So I say: the smaller, the better. But do not let me stop you if you think otherwise. You might be a world champion puzzler who can wrestle 500 pieces in a breeze or you may like to team up and work on a bigger puzzle together.

You can choose as many puzzles as you like and rent them for 3 days with a 25% discount. The minimum order value is $20.

What about tea and cake?

I am happy to provide home-made cakes, scones or cookies and a selection of tea for an added $4/person. This way you do not need to worry about all those details, you can simply enjoy your guests & your puzzle party. Contact me with the number of people you hope to have and I will send you the dessert options.

What about puzzles?

If you would like to host a Puzzle Party, just choose a date and the number of puzzles&sizes you want and either let me pick them out for you as a surprise or you can also give me the titles of the specific ones you want to rent. And then you are ready to send out the invitations!

Wentworth whimsies

Wentworth whimsies