Share the joy of quality wooden jigsaws and the beauty of handmade artisan gifts...

Alongside the jigsaw rental library I offer a variety of Wentworth jigsaws for sale through my shop and in addition to that a selection of artisan gifts made by local, as well as Hungarian and English artists. I hope you will enjoy browsing in the collection of the shop and will find something that would make a special gift to a family member, a friend, a neighbor or anyone you want to surprise.



Wentworth jigsaw puzzles

You can share the joy of Wentworth jigsaw puzzles by giving them as gifts, buying them for the family to keep and enjoy for special occasions. I have a great variety of Wentworth puzzles for sale, you can order custom made puzzles in different sizes featuring your own images and I take commissions to find collectable Wentworth jigsaws on the second hand market if you have something specific in mind. Please see the details under "Puzzle Shop".

Wentworth jigsaw: The Workshop and Forge

Wentworth jigsaw: The Workshop and Forge

Locally made artisan gifts

As an addition to jigsaws, I am committed to collect the work of local artists for the gift shop. I believe that art is not a commodity first, but a relationship, not something to consume, but someone and something to learn about, get to know and be inspired by. With this in mind I hope to gather and sell the handiworks of local artists and craftsmen in order to connect them more with their immediate community, where their skills, ideas and art can be enjoyed and appreciated through ongoing relationships.  If you are a local artist yourself, who would be interested in selling your artwork through my shop or even combining your work with the medium of jigsaws by turning your photographs, paintings, etc. into collectable wooden puzzles, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would enjoy meeting you, seeing in which ways we could co-operate and how "Piecefully yours" could best support your artistic endeavors.


 A few of my favorite things...

Besides a commitment to build relationships with local artists in New England, I have a deep appreciation for traditional crafts and a loyalty to certain artists in places that are special to me because of my own personal history.

As a Hungarian myself I am proud to share the beauty of our traditional crafts by stocking a selection of handmade gifts from Hungary.

I also spent ten memorable years of my life in rural England where I was fortunate enough to get to know Robert Goldsmith's Selborne pottery, located in a historic Hampshire village. I am very pleased to offer their exquisite hand thrown and decorated stoneware for sale. No two pieces are the same (they share that in common with Wentworth jigsaw pieces...) and you have to look and find the one that has "your name written all over it". I can promise, holding their mugs in your hands will add much beauty and delight to your daily tea or coffee. It is a must have luxury!