How to rent puzzles

It is simple. If you are a LOCAL living around Marlborough, MA and are interested in renting wooden jigsaws or becoming a member, just look through the "Collection", pick the puzzle(s) you would like to rent and contact me by email or phone to check availability and arrange delivery.  Also, please let me know whether you want to join the library as a member or just pay as you go.

Jigsaw puzzles historically did not reveal the image theme on the box, so the puzzler had the added challenge and fun to discover the details of the picture as she/he worked on the puzzle. So if you prefer that, I can pick out surprise puzzles for you too, within the genre and size range you like, without providing you with the image (ie.: Potluck Puzzles).

I have a collection of about 150 jigsaws that I offer for rental. My aim is to have over 300 puzzles within a year and to find a suitable space for the growing collection in a public setting, so it could be a place of warm welcome and connection for jigsaw enthusiasts. In the future the jigsaw library&gift shop would also accommodate a tea&coffee shop and facilitate a variety of interesting talks and events.

Please note: the jigsaw rental library aims to build, benefit and serve the LOCAL COMMUNITY by connecting people with each other who enjoy this pastime. Therefore it is only available to those who live in or within driving distance of Marlborough, and thus could be part of this community of jigsaw enthusiasts and could enjoy the activities offered by the library. In an age where the whole world is constantly at our fingertips I believe it is important to have a real commitment to our local communities, even at the cost of having a much smaller market to rely on.